AGS Hours Cut

April 17, 2015

The RMT have held talks with AGS regarding the cutting of hours. The following report was sent to the Union Head Office

“I met with AGS and discussed the following:

Hours: AGS stated that they notified staff that they wanted people to work their 8 hours. They stated they asked for volunteers to start earlier 9pm (ish) and clean on key stations. This was on an adhoc basis on not every night. 95 % said no. They are well aware that LUL staff work just 7 hours and people are job and knock. They have no intention to checl whereabouts at the end of the shift. They are willing to go back to 8 hours if people are willing to work earlier as above. They feel they are asking people to work for the hours they are being paid for.

They have agreed to send me this is writing”

Obviously we will monitor this situation with our members

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