Thales GTS Dispute

April 16, 2015

Following lengthy discussions with management over the last week, talks with Thales are starting to show significant progress with regards to no compulsory redundancy and agreeing a mechanism for dealing with roster changes. Further talks are planned for next Monday with the intention to negotiate a settlement that is acceptable to our members. So far we have received proposals and had discussions on:

  • No compulsory redundancy and finding suitable alternative roles for those at risk
  • Protection against severe loss of earnings
  • Return parameters to their old jobs for those at Risk
  • Discussions on an agreement on how future roster changes will be discussed

This offer has been noted by our General Grades Committee and a decision as to whether to call any Industrial Action is on hold to allow for the talks to continue.

The RMT and Thales have agreed for an extension to the notification period for any Industrial Action to be increased by another four weeks with a view to reaching agreement

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