Balfour Beatty (LU Contract) Furlough

April 15, 2020

Balfour Beatty have started/ in the process of demobilising most aspects of your work at Ruislip for the LUL Contract.


They are now proposing/ have started to furlough a large proportion of their work force and are proposing to the RMT the below furlough scheme:


    • Basic pay: 80% of average earnings (based on average monthly earnings in the tax year 2019/20 but excluding any travel and subsistence expenses) for earnings up to the UK Government threshold of £37,500 plus 80% of basic pay above the £37,500 threshold.
    • Balfour Beatty will also adopt a bar for low earning employees of £22,000 below which point salary will not be reduced.
    • Pension contributions for employees on Furlough Leave: all pension contributions for the Furlough Leave period will be based on actual pay during that period
    • Travel payments for employees on Furlough Leave: all payments related to travel will stop
    • Subsistence payments for employees on Furlough Leave: these will continue to be paid if employees have committed lease arrangements or an ongoing financial commitment to short term accommodation.  This will need to be evidenced and immediately escalated to your local HR team

The RMT have asked Balfour to look at 100% pay and also whether there are alternatives, however, the above proposal is now the final position and the matter is referred to our members and the National executive.


We are confident that LUL are likely to restart some of the work in the relatively near future and we would very much support this if it is essential work and it is done safely.

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