Blacklisting Update

February 17, 2016
  1. Pressure mounts in High Court & Scotland

Brian Higgins blacklisted by construction firms, spied on by undercover police. Double page spread in Daily Record.

Next High Court date is Friday 26th Feb


  1. Targeting activists


  1. Trade Union Bill


  1. International Workers Memorial Day:  Mourn the Dead – Fight for the Living

Giulio Regeni R.I.P. Murdered for carrying out research on trade unions in Egypt.


  1. Events

Sat 21st Feb – Spycops and Blacklisting talks at Cardiff Anarchist Bookfair  (flyer attached)

Wed 6th March – ‘Whistleblowing as Complaining; Blacklisting as Bullying’ at Birkbeck Uni, London – with ‘Blacklist’ film by Lucy Parker – hosted by Prof John Kelly


  1. Art Against Blacklisting

Trumbo Film Review


Any Means Necessary – play at Nottingham playhouse Theatre til 20th Feb–any-means-necessary/id/8034


Blacklisted (for forty years)

How do you work out the price of our lives
When you stopped us from tipping up to our wives
Our children were left feeling sad and confused
Blacklisted children like pawns they were used

We know your all driven by money and greed
Never ever the wish, to do a good deed
Your accountants and lawyers all plan and plot
They’d like to see all of the blacklisted shot

But we’re all standing tall and and are up for the fight
As we all stood tall and fought for the right
For every working man, the freedom to stand
To give one another a warm helping hand

So onwards we go and it’s justice we seek
You laughed and defamed us, you thought we were meek
But we know, great British justice is going to be done
It’s our right to fight, stand together as one

So all you blacklisters you’ve all done your worse
Now that you’ve been forced to open your purse
For we only wanted safety on site
Not worked to death buried deep out of site


Blacklist Support Group







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