Thales Pay Update

February 17, 2016

Following talks with Thales regarding the RMT pay claim for 2016, we have received the below reply:


RMT Pay Claim Response


This is response to the below claim:


2016 Pay Claim – Thales


ALL RMT union reps are released on Friday 19th February to discuss this matter so please feedback to them your views


Text of Thales Pay offer below:

Private & Confidential

Mr Paul Jackson

National Union of Rail, Maritime and Transport Workers

39 Charlton Street



16th February 2016

Dear Paul,

RMT 2016 Collective Pay Claim Response

I am writing to you following our meeting of the 10th February 2016 and following receipt of the pay claim you have proposed for those within the collective agreement.

As I discussed at our meeting, 2015 was a challenging year for GTS UK and we did not meet our financial targets. Albeit the business has seen success in securing the 4LM programme with London Underground, we continue to focus on meeting our financial targets consistently and growing the end of year EBIT year on year. It is essential for us that we are competitive within bids and that we attract and retain critical skills and capabilities. A business that is affordable and sustainable is key in achieving this. It is also critical that we continue to grow our Mainline Rail business and continue the development of the ICS business across the UK. This will lead to a more sustainable environment for all our employees.

With reference to your proposals, as discussed several were concluded during discussions in 2012 following the alignment of terms and conditions programme.

During our meeting we had a lengthy discussion around compensation and can confirm that we will review anyone who is below their benchmark as a matter of priority. As discussed we have collectively reviewed our apprentices to ensure they are rewarded competitively. I can also confirm that we regularly benchmark our salaries externally and proactively address anomalies within the business.  Taking the climate of GTS UK into account and the affordability of the business, I am proposing a collective increase of 1.4%. Having reviewed the feasibility of a flat rate increase per employee I am proposing that we are consistent with the rest of Thales UK and continue with a percentage increase proposal.  I understand that you will need to position your response with your members but would like to remind you that we are also working to the Thales UK timescales to conclude the salary review campaign for 2016 by Friday 19th February.

Lastly, it was mentioned during our meeting that travel expenses incurred by RMT representatives to attend meetings was to date not claimable. Going forward, I can confirm that business related travel expenses to attend RMT meetings can be claimed.

Yours sincerely,

Vicki Turner

Human Resources Director


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