Emergency resolution to RMT AGM 2015: RMT and Political Strategy

June 4, 2015

The following resolution was carried at our Branch meeting last night


Emergency resolution to RMT AGM 2015

RMT and Political Strategy


The establishment of a majority Tory government will put this union on an unavoidable collision course with the new administration. The new government has immediately stated its intention to introduce further anti-trade union laws; to intensify attacks on welfare and to privatise more of our public services. RMT commits to fight against this agenda, which serves only the rich and powerful and was supported by less than 25% of the British electorate.

The failure of the Labour Party to mobilise sufficient support to defeat the Tories is a result of decades of political retreat that has left Labour insufficiently distinguishable from the Conservatives. Labour’s insistence on balancing the budget by cutting welfare and public services as well as focusing of immigration control gave credibility to Tory lies that Britain can no longer afford welfare and rising wages.

The SNP was able to pose as being to the left of Labour because of Labour’s slavish adherence to Tory spending plans. UKIP were able to take large votes from Labour in working class areas because of Labour’s failure to offer an alternative.


This AGM believes that the 2015 General Election, and reaction inside the Labour Party since the election, vindicates the decision of RMT to call for a new workers party and to support TUSC and other left wing and progressive candidates in local and general elections (including some Labour candidates). RMT will continue to adopt this approach under rule. However we feel that it would be a backward political step to re-affiliate to the Labour Party as it would prevent our union working with and backing non Labour Party candidates and prevent us from backing TUSC and other socialist and progressive candidates. It would also cut us off from the most progressive section of the working class in Scotland who have turned their back on the Labour Party.


RMT will now step up our campaign to win support, throughout the trade union movement for a new workers party based on trade unionism and socialism. We will appeal to other trade unions to take part in a debate about the political representation of the working class.


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