Emergency resolution to RMT AGM 2015: Anti-Trade Union Laws

June 4, 2015

The following resolution was carried at our branch last night


Emergency resolution to RMT AGM 2015

Anti-Trade Union Laws


This AGM condemns planned attacks on trade union rights by a Try government serving the rich and powerful.

The government proposes to make any strike in the rail industry illegal unless 50% of eligible voters take part in the ballot AND 40% of eligible members vote in favour;  This from a government that was voted for by less than 25% of those eligible to vote in the General Election.

RMT will approach other transport unions and propose a joint campaign against the proposed legislation. RMT will also approach other trade unions who represent members in essential services including Unite, Unison, FBU, teaching unions and others to mount a joint campaign.

RMT will submit resolutions to the TUC in 2015 calling for:

  • A campaign against further anti-union legislation amongst trade unions representing members in essential services and in the wider trade union movement.
  • A commitment for the TUC to organise a general strike should legal action be taken against any trade union or trade unionist in connection with the proposed Tory laws.

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