Tube Lines in Pay Cut FARCE

June 4, 2015

Tube Lines have been offered the same derisory pay offer ‘cut’ as LUL to their hard working staff.

On one hand, the company calls itself JNP and is a separate entity from London Underground. Then when it suits, those same hard working staff are treated like fools by being offered the exact same deal as LUL

Year 1    0.75%,

year 2   RPI, they also offered 3 payments of £250. Each dependent on the introduction of night tube including its successful operation.

Its time to come clean and fully TUPE these people back into LUL proper and end this farcical situation where they are kept separate when it suits and then treated as if they were part of LUL.

The offer was rejected immediately and TLL confirmed that this was not their final offer. All representatives will be released to attend Unity House on the 19th June to give their members’ views on the issue of Pay and Night Tube


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