Engineering Train Operator Dispute

October 23, 2016

Proposed ETO Regrading Initiative – Prepared for ASLEF and RMT

Following productive discussions at ACAS on the 17th October, the below clarifications was agreed and the Engineering Train Operator proposed strikes suspended to allow further talks. Once those talks are completed on the 27th October, then we will meet with LUL again to discuss progress and then report back to our members.

The below link is to show the draft agreement and the clarifications that were discussed at Acas. This is not a final or accepted agreement but work in progress




The below clarifications relate to the terms of the agreement above

  1. Rosters

Assists will be added to the rosters as appropriate once their training is complete. Assists will be eligible for the New Grade (and associated salary) once their training is complete and they are appointed.

Draft rosters will be developed and discussed with the trade unions at a workshop by 27th October 2016.

  1. Assists

We will develop  training plans and discuss these with the Trade Unions.  These plans will ensure all Assists will be fully trained within 12 months. Progress against these training plans to be monitored by all parties.

  1. TRV

Existing TRV Drivers will be included in the ETO regrading initiative. They will be assigned TRV work as a priority. However should TRV work not be available they will be allocated work in accordance with their skills and competence. We will continue to follow our existing agreements with regard to shift working arrangements

  1. Managers

We will carry out a review of individual managers’ salaries by the 27th October 2016 to identify any pay compression issues as a result of this initiative.

  1. Utilisation of paid hours

From time to time it is recognised that substantial paid hours are not utilised. We would allocate work in accordance with employees  skills sets and current competence.  A workshop to be held by 27th October 2016 to identify work which meets these criteria.

  1. Suspension of industrial action

 In recognition of the productive discussions today, ASLEF and RMT to agree to suspend strike action and action short of strike due to commence this week.  This will allow all parties to focus on the actions detailed in this email.

Jean Cockerill –  HR Director, LU Operations

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