Ex-UKPN Pay 2015: Update

April 25, 2016

The RMT and its sister unions met with LUL Management last week to discuss the issue of the difference between the final year of the UKPN and the first year of the LUL Pay Deal i.e the 2015 element of both deals.

LUL have stated that ex-UKPN will only receive RPI + 0.25% and not the LUL deal of RPI + £500 consolidated into the salary. They also stated that moving forward they would be placed into year 2 of the LUL deal going forward.

The RMT contended that this was not acceptable. It was not fair to put people onto a multi-year deal without them receiving the full benefit of the higher pay rise for 2015.

We also argued that the agreement we reached with the company was for ALL grades and did not exclude any members of staff whatever contractual terms they was on.

LUL refused to budge on the issue despite the RMT, supported by the TSSA union, continuing to push them on the issue.

The meeting ended with us stating that we wished LUL to put their position formally to us in writing and that we would then go to our members to see what action to take next and to also seek a legal opinion on the matter.

The issue is clear, this is about being fair and it is about honouring agreements. The salient part of the agreement is below showing the agreement is for all members and accepted for ALL members.


In the context of this dispute settlement, recognising all elements, the following offer is made on Pay
Term: A 4 year deal covering 1 April 2015 to 31 March 2019
Basic Salary 1 April 2015
An average increase on Basic Salary of 2% from 1 April 2015 comprising as follows:
• 1% plus, a flat rate of £500 consolidated increase for all grades in recognition of our
transformation to a 24-hour passenger service operation



RMT accept Pay for ALL members


Dispute resolution LUL


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