Working in Possessions: Code of Practice

April 26, 2016

Following discussions on safety on the track with regards to the Section 15 dispute, it was recognised that there was issues on how safe management of staff working in a Possession was undertaken. To this end our health and safety reps on LUL and Tube Lines have been working with management to produce the following final draft ‘Working in Possessions: Code of Practice’.


Working in a possession 3 – May 2016 Final Draft


This document is now being reviewed by the RMT National Executive and if they accept it, this will then be used to produce the detailed training that staff will need to be safe at work.

The RMT will then start to negotiate on how Possessions are created and maintained (Section 15 of the Rule Book) and our dispute still remains live with plenty of work to do before we can be fully satisfied that our members are safe when working on the Track.

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