ex-UKPN Referendum

October 24, 2015

The members that work in Power (ex-UKPN) have voted by nearly 3:1 to accept LUL’s final offer. Ths agreement will now be put to the RMT’s General Grades Committee

The agreement in summary means that existing staff can retain their present terms if they wish or accept a new LUL contract.

The main differences are

35 hour week: LUL contracts mean that staff will go down to a 35 hour week from an average of 40-37 hours. This will be done without loss of non-allowance basic pay

Fixed Allowances: These will be incorporated into the salary and will be pensionable (in some cases they were not previously)

New Salaries: These have been generally set at the top of the existing bands with some grades seeing increases in pensionable pay

Non-Fixed Allowances: These will not continue. However, LUL have agreed to pay £10 for each full shift worked for Protection Master/ Site Person in Charge (track and non-track locations)

Overtime Rate: The LUL rate is 1.25 which is lower than UKPN rates (1.5/ 2x). However, the LUL hourly rate is higher therefore the difference is lower but it is still less on LUL contracts. It should be noted that Overtime is expected to reduce.

Paydays: LUL paydays are four weekly and not monthly or weekly.

Supplementary Days: These will be phased out over two years due to the reduction in hours Year 1 will still get 10 days and year 2 will get 5

Full details below:


WS Grade Proposal Tables v6 20 10 15


Power Framework


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