ex-UKPN Staff: LUL Final Offer

October 21, 2015

Following months of talks with LUL we are now in a position whereby LUL have made the below final offer to our members.

  • The new Framework will be for NEW staff or for existing staff that choose to take a new grade or accept the new contract
  • All existing staff can remain under their existing terms and conditions, if they so choose. I stress people do not have to go onto new contracts.
  • The LUL contracts will be for 35 hours only. Existing UKPN work an average 37-40 hour week and gain accrued rest days. LUL have agreed that staff that accept new contracts and reduced hours will continue to receive these accrued rest days but that they will be phased out over the next two years.
  • The new contracts will retain the same basic salary and not be pro-rata’d for the reduced hours
  • Fixed allowances are to be included into the basic salary and will be pensionable, such as London Weighting etc.
  • Non-Fixed Allowances such as meal allowances will not be incorporated into the salary in the LUL contracts and will no longer continue for those staff.
  • LUL will pay the Protection Master (PM) and Site Person in Charge (SPC) Allowance for track and non-track locations (£10 a shift making a potential £2500 a year if worked daily)
  • The LUL overtime rate is a flat 1.25 compared to the variable UKPN rates, but the basic rate of pay will be higher. It is expected that overtime will fall with the additional recruitment and cuts to budget.


For full details please see below


Power Framework


WS Grade Proposal Tables v6 20 10 15


LUL have agreed to review these times with the RMT. This work is ongoing


Booking On Times


The below agreement is the LUL agreement for paying Protection Master (PM) and Site Person in Charge (SPC)


SPC PM Paynment JWP Proposal 4Jul11


We will now be putting the final offer to our members via a referendum. To either accept the agreement (including remaining on their own terms) or reject the offer in which case we would ballot our members to try to force the company into more concessions

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