Why ex-UKPN staff are on strike?

July 16, 2015

So why are UKPN part of the dispute over pay and night Tube? They are still in a multi-year deal so how does this affect them?

The answer is surprisingly simple:

  • LUL are asking for a multi-year deal that will potentially be in place once the UKPN deal elapses. That would affect you.
  • LUL and the RMT are in discussions to bring all staff onto LUL T’s & C’s. That would mean getting the LUL agreed pay rise. That would affect you.
  • Imposition of Rosters affects us all. If they can do it to train drivers, then they will do it to you
  • LUL have stated that they are removing ALL rostered rest days from Track Staff on the Victoria Line. This is being imposed but fought. LUL would dearly love to do the same to you.
  • The RMT are arguing that any Night Tube payments should be for everyone. This affects you.
  • Strength. We are stronger as a whole and that is the whole point of a union. You are standing along side over 10,000 other people. We have just shut down the whole Tube Network.

So it is as simple as that

We stand together and we will win. If you stand alone then you will lose and we have no intention of losing now, tomorrow or ever

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