LUL Declares War on Engineering

July 16, 2015

LUL, have decided to wage a war against Engineering rather than deal with the underlying issues surrounding pay and night tube. These words might sound like harsh and mellow dramatic words however the facts speak for themselves.

So what have LUL planned to do that is so confrontational?

  • Training Cleshars staff to undertake Track Patrolling
  • Looking to Network Rail to undertake Cable Linesman work
  • Getting contracting companies to undertake Signalling Work. With some contractors arriving for work in a Porsche to highlight the pay they are receiving.
  • Changing the Rules to eliminate or reduce the need for internal staff to carry out certain roles such as possessions
  • Wholesale outsourcing of core work
  • Wholesale ignoring of the CMO Roster Agreement and Track Agreement on Rostered Rest Days

CMO Roster Agreement


Following a full discussion at our branch last night, it was decided that the only way to stand up to a bully is to fight back. And fight back we will. The following resolution was carried unanimously last night and will now go to our Union Executive to discuss and potentially agree the strategy to fight back and win


Emergency Resolution: LUL Strike ‘This branch notes and supports the work done to maintain inter-union unity to produce a stunning strike action that resulted in a total LUL shutdown by our GGC Member and Regional Organiser. This branch wishes for this Unity to be maintained and further all grades action is coordinated with our sister unions.

We also note that LUL are attacking our members over the issue of non-working of overtime. This includes long term threats to the job security of track, signals and power and electrical members through rule changes and outsourcing of work.

To confront this we request the GGC remove the overtime ban in Operational Areas covered by this branch. We however request that the following action is brought forward:

  • Tactical overtime ban action aimed at ending the large weekend engineering works
  • Instruction to our assessors and trainers to refuse to train and assess outside staff to take our work
  • Liaise with Network Rail members to refuse to work on LUL infrastructure
  • Members are reminded to follow the Rules in totality and to take their meal breaks.
  • Full strike action up to three day period, again aimed at maximising the disruption to Engineering and Maintenance Works across LUL.

This branch also believes that any dispute settlement should include

  • The removal of the threat to rewrite the Rule Book and contract out our work whether, it is signals work to Kelly Rail, Power and Electrical Work to Network Rail and Track Patrolling to Cleshars (or any other contractors).
  • A substantial pay rise at least to the level of the Network Rail settlement
  • Recognition of our right to a family life for now and future expansions of night tube. That should include working towards a 32 hour week. Sunday to Thursday staff moves to be voluntary. Rostered rest days to be protected and expanded. All agreements abided by including the CMO Roster Agreement. A substantial financial incentive for these changes and acceptable completion of all health and safety talks.’

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