LUL Dispute: Acas

October 8, 2014

Dear Colleagues,


Following the threat of overwhelming and unified strike action on the tube, LUL have agreed to attend ACAS with the RMT. With the real threat of action against the company, we hope that LUL make real concessions that will protect our membership and set a template for future cuts.

Do not be fooled by what this is about, this is a Government led austerity drive, taking money from your pockets ultimately to pay for their own mistakes and the mistakes of their mates the bankers. $4 billion of cuts is the backdrop to this and a mayor that wants to become the next Tory leader. The only thing that we can rely on is our own strength and it is that strength that will see us prevail in this dispute. Whatever happens, there will be more attempts at cuts, whether that’s a fit for signals or attack on our pensions, these battles never stop. However, our ability to rise to these attacks and remain strong can also not be doubted

Remember, Unity is our strength and if LUL are expecting weakness now or in the future they will be sadly mistaken.

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