Tube Strike OFF

October 9, 2014




October 9th 2014



RMT suspends tube action after substantial progress in ACAS talks


Tube union RMT has confirmed that industrial action due to commence on Tuesday evening on London Underground over the threat to jobs, working and conditions and services has been suspended following substantial progress in talks hosted by ACAS yesterday.


The talks have secured substantial movement in three key areas, enabling both the scheduled strike action and the on-going overtime ban to be suspended:


  • The company has confirmed that the assertion that the consultation over the planned measures was now complete has been removed and that further consultation will now take place.


  • LUL have accepted that the number of staffing posts threatened with removal will be further reduced. The figure has already been scaled back to 897 in earlier talks and the company have confirmed that there are now likely to be additional reductions.


  • The crucial principal of salary and location guarantee has been extended to all staff affected who have medical restrictions. The union considers movement on this point to be absolutely crucial.


RMT General Secretary Mick Cash said ;


“Thanks to both the solidarity and determination of our members, and the hard work of our negotiators in the ACAS talks, RMT has been able to secure significant movement in three key areas which have allowed our executive to suspend both the action scheduled for next week and the on-going overtime ban.


“The substantial improvements we have agreed allow us to move forwards but the Union’s core opposition to the austerity-led cuts on London Underground has not shifted an inch and we remain vigilant to further developments and their impact.”



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