LUL Network Command Reorganisation

January 25, 2017

LUL are starting discussions today regarding a reorganisation with the Network Command and Response Team.

This proposal includes a changes in some areas such as the DOME team, Asset Performance Control Centre, Duty Network Operation Manager and  the Incident Response Team (Incident and C&I TO’s).

The reality is that management always like to rearrange their teams, that is their role. They are also looking at their budgets and their headcount. That is what they do too

Our role is to make sure that it is done in the right way and that our members are catered for and that any impacts that they reject are fully opposed in the usual way. That is what we do

Once we have met management today then the full details will be set out for our members and full discussions will take place.

It is important to stress though that because of our industrial strength in this area, that the talks will be meaningful and our members are safe in the knowledge that our unity is our strength will see us succeed

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