Metropolitan Line Signals Annual Leave Agreement

January 25, 2017

The RMT have net with management over the last week following problems covering last Christmas Day on call.

To this end we have tried to address some of the issue regarding being on call and how cover is arranged and will vary the agreement with the below proposal that is agreed in principle.

“Christmas Day cover (assuming NO train service) will be as per previous custom and practice arrangements: 1 x TO (12 hr Days) + 1 x TO (12hr Nights) on call.

Staff covering on call on Christmas day will only be expected to attend site if a report is made that may be expected to affect the start up of train services on Boxing Day. This will be a decision made by the Incident Manager and be justifiable to the Line Incident Manager (LIM).

Annual leave period, as per the framework will be assessed by fourteen days after the end of February date for the main submission of annual leave (3.2.1 Signals Framework).

If no cover for Christmas day is forthcoming then a level 1 meeting will take place to address this matter prior to leave over the Christmas period being granted.

Any other requests to work Christmas Day period will be dealt in an individual manner and work will be found for any person wishing to work. All other staff are expected to book annual leave.”

The aim of these words are to describe the type of fault a person will be called to attend on Christmas Day i.e. Service Affecting and that we will monitor the situation for the next few months to see if there are any volunteers. In the event that there is not then we will meet with management to review a way forward




The longer term view will be to negotiate a stand alone agreement for all Incident Technical Officers/ DSIMs and how the Christmas Period will be covered in a consistent and unified way

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