December 4, 2015



Further to my previous Circular (IR/270/15, 5th November 2015), the summary of the recent offer which was received from London Underground and communicated to all members last week, is also below for your information and attention.




A four year above inflation deal from 1st April 2015 to 31st March 2019


  • Year 1 – An average 2%, made up of 1% plus a flat rate £500 consolidated increase on basic salaries recognising the introduction of Night Tube
  • Year 2 – RPI or 1% whichever is greater
  • Year 3 – RPI or 1% whichever is greater
  • Year 4 – RPI + 0.25%


Fit for the Future Stations


Building on commitments made last year, London Underground will guarantee:


  • Comparable number of weekends off as today
  • 28 days’ notice of rest days and duties on cover weeks – these rest days are guaranteed
  • Staff will work within their own Cover Group – occasionally working at adjacent Cover Groups
  • Higher Duty Pay from day one where someone steps up to fill another role for an entire shift
  • A review within 12 months to ensure resources keep up with rising customer demand
  • Negotiations on Stations Framework including new transfer and promotion process
  • Within Location Matters, part time staff will maintain their existing shift patterns and hours


Plus, a £500 non-consolidated payment to all station staff once the new operating model is introduced.


Night Tube


We will minimise the impact of Night Tube on our people, e.g.


  • Recruiting more staff to take on Night Tube duties – c.500 hired to date
  • No existing CSA will need to work Night Tube shifts
  • Providing choice on roster patterns and options for further banked rest days, Track & Signals and Service Control
  • No existing Train Operator will need to work Night Tube shifts, unless they choose to do so


Plus, a £500 non-consolidated launch payment to all staff on Night Tube lines and an equivalent launch payment for staff when Night Tube is introduced on other lines in the future.


Long term commitments


We will work with the Trade Unions over the next 12 months to jointly deliver, where safe and mutually beneficial:


More choice for staff to enhance work/life balance including:


  • A compressed working week (e.g. a four day, 36 hour week)
  • A range of part time contracts where these do not already exist
  • Protecting quality time off, e.g. Weekends
  • More opportunities for progression and development


A Reps meeting took place on Tuesday 1st December to discuss this offer and this matter has now been considered by the General Grades Committee, which has noted that the overwhelming mood from the meeting was to reject the latest pay offer from London Underground. The GGC has taken the decision for the Lead Officer to seek a further meeting with LUL and report back to the GGC on Thursday 10th December 2015.


I will of course keep you advised of all further developments.

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