LUL Pay and Night Tube

June 4, 2015

Further to the press release below. Notice has been given to LUL regarding our dispute and ballot papers are due to start arriving in about a weeks time. The RMT and their sister unions, have been meeting at Acas to discuss the pay and night tube and regular updates will be given to our members on the latest situation



RMT declares dispute over tube night running and derisory pay offer and prepares to ballot for action


TUBE UNION RMT confirmed today that it has declared a formal dispute with London Underground over an outrageous attempt to drive a coach and horses through existing procedures by attempting to impose new rosters on staff in the run up to the scheduled date for the introduction of night tube operation – 12th September 2015. The rosters would pin staff into a regime of anti-social hours and appalling working conditions.


The union is also placing the derisory pay offer from London Underground into dispute as well – a pay offer that the company have chained together with the night running issue.


RMT is now preparing a ballot for industrial action and has pledged to co-ordinate its campaign with sister unions who have been hit by the same ripping-up of existing agreements, and the same derisory pay offer and the attempt to bully staff into agreement at local level, that has sent shockwaves through depots and workplaces right across the London Underground network.


RMT General Secretary Mick Cash said:

“It is simply outrageous that management, in a mad dash to bulldoze through the Mayor’s night tube vanity project, have smashed apart long-term agreements and have resorted to trying to bully staff into accepting roster changes at a local level and the message from RMT is clear – we are not having it.

“These changes would lock our members into a culture of anti-social hours and appalling working conditions that would rip apart work/life balance whilst at the same time they are being hit with pay proposals that would undermine their standard of living.

“We are now formally in dispute with London Underground over night running on the tube and the derisory pay offer and are preparing a ballot for action over this scandalous attack on procedures and agreements.

“RMT will be co-ordinating this campaign with our sister tube unions as we seek to defend negotiating agreements, decent pay and the rights and working conditions of our members.”

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