RMT calls for Urgent Meeting with Boris

August 6, 2015

With Boris Johnson taking direct control of Night Tube dispute RMT calls for urgent meeting


RMT General Secretary Mick Cash said;


“It has become clear from the media coverage over the past forty eight hours that Boris Johnson has taken direct control of the current tube dispute.


“As the Night Tube is his personal project, and as chair of Transport for London, it is now time for the Mayor to reverse his long standing policy of not meeting with the trade unions and to give our negotiators an opportunity to set out the facts to him directly.


“From the Mayor’s statements it is clear that he has not got the message that this dispute is not about money it is about work/life balance and it is essential that with Mr Johnson now taking charge of the dispute that he grasps the fundamental issues. That can only happen through a direct meeting which looks like it’s now essential to making serious progress towards a resolution of this dispute. “

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