RMT Circular 13th July

July 17, 2017





Further to my previous Circular (IR/286/17, 10th July 2017) and following the overwhelming ballot result in favour of industrial action, talks were held with the Company at Director level to try to resolve this matter. RMT reiterated our total opposition to fixed term contracts and our position that the 35 jobs affected should be permanently employed staff. The Lead Officer and Reps also put forward a proposal to include the 35 new staff into the current team which management agreed to consider.


The NEC has considered the Lead Officer’s report and has noted that although there was some movement from the Company, this was not enough in terms of our members’ aspirations. Consequently it has been decided to call members to take industrial action as outlined below:-


With effect from 07.30 hours on  Tuesday 25th July 2017 until further notice members are instructed as follows: –


  • Not to work any Overtime
  • Not to carry out roles beyond their substantive positions and locations
  • Not to deviate from current valid approved work instruction documents
  • Not to deviate from current valid approved risk assessments
  • Not to deviate from latest issue of Tube Lines supplement to the rule book
  • Members not to work onsite unless a first aider is on duty
  • Members not to perform coaching and/or buddy duties


We salute the determination of members in the rock solid ballot turnout which showed the clear resolve to halt the attempted introduction of two tier workforce in the LU Piccadilly Line Fleet area and I will keep you advised of all further developments.




Further to my previous Circular (IR/204/17, 17th May 2017), the meeting with the NEC, SAGS, RO and Reps has taken place and following final amendments to the revised machinery of negotiation, the negotiating team recommended its acceptance.


This matter has now been considered by the National Executive Committee, which congratulates the efforts of all members, Reps, the DLR Branch, Lead Officer and SAGS for their roles in negotiating this M.o.N which represents a significant improvement on the previous ‘partnership’ agreement and includes sole recognition for RMT. In line with the NEC decision, the Company has now been informed of our acceptance of the new machinery.


Yours sincerely

Mick Cash

General Secretary


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