Section 15: Why the strike was suspended

February 11, 2016

Section 15: Why the strike was suspended

Following extensive talks at Acas, the demands from your representatives were very clear and very basic, WE DO NOT WANT TO BE KILLED AT WORK

The Management Teams from LUL were left in no doubt how seriously we took this and that we firmly believe that Section 15 is the culmination of a casualisation of Track Access Safety to a point whereby our members remain in serious and imminent danger.

We left both companies with a stark choice, in our opinion, that was to either remove the possessions themselves or risk the RMT members doing it for them. We demanded that the Possessions were stopped and we agreed a safe system of work for our members.

After lengthy talks LUL agreed the following

  • LU will suspend the operation of Section 15 for a two week period commencing on Friday 12 February.
  • This will allow for a period of concentrated joint working to address the issues raised in relation to the introduction and application of Section 15.
  • In accordance with the attached Terms of Reference, there will be two separate workstreams focussing on Track and Signals and Service Control respectively.
  • ACAS facilitated progress sessions will take place on 19 and 25 February to ensure that the discussions are proceeding productively and to provide any necessary assistance and guidance.
  • In consideration of the above RMT agrees to suspend any notified industrial action in relation to Section 15 scheduled to take place prior to 27 February, and undertakes not to institute any operationally disruptive industrial action during this period.

The Engineering Terms of Reference are below:

To review and revise as appropriate:

  1. A Safe System of Work for access and working in Section 15 and other possessions (any relevant conclusions from the FIR to be incorporated).
  2. OSN 122 (Section 15).
  3. Working in Possessions guidance document.

We will now work very hard over the next two week to make sure our members are safe at work. If agreement is not reached then we will name strike action again.



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