Solidarity: West Syrian Kurds

October 6, 2014

Below is an emergency resolution for discussion at our branch meeting on Tuesday 7th October. Come along and help discuss the matter.


LU Engineering/London Transport Regional Council Resolution (proposed and for discussion)

Solidarity with the West Syrian Kurds Under Sustained Attack from Islamic State ISIS

Since 15th September ISIS has intensified its attacks against the Kurdish population in Rojava (West Kurdistan/Northern Syria) and seized control of 60 villages near the border in a two-day campaign as they approach the town of Kobanê. Kobanê is Syria’s third-largest Kurdish town and would give the Islamic State (ISIS/IS) control of a long stretch of the country’s northern border with Turkey.

ISIS terrorists, militarily, logistically and politically supported by NATO member Turkey and funded by Saudi Arabia and Qatari States (despite them being in the coalition), are using US made heavy artillery and weapons seized from Iraq and Syria. ISIS has already taken over Iraq’s second largest city, Mosul, declaring an ‘Islamic Caliphate’ in the region and have displaced 500,000 Yazidi Kurds in Sinjar and kidnapped 3,000 women who are being sold as sex slaves. Thousands of children, disabled people and elderly have been kidnapped and executed in the Kurdish regions of Iraq and Syria. Kobanê is under the threat of massacre as happened in Sinjar. At the same time Turkish soldiers have been attacking people trying to cross the border of Kobanê -Suruc. So far one person has been killed and many wounded.
Turkey’s ultimate plan is to occupy Rojava Kurdistan by forcing international powers to create a buffer zone in this region. In this way they wish to terrorise the legitimate self-determination right of the Kurdish people in Turkey and Syria.
The US and EU-led ‘anti-ISIS’ coalition has not intervened despite witnessing the ongoing massacre of Kurds in Rojava. US airstrikes in Northern Syria have only helped to intensify ISIS attacks against Kobanê because ISIS terrorists fleeing the bombed area of Raqqa have moved to attack Kobanê. The coalition has also disregarded the Kurdish people’s appeal for help, despite the urgent need for humanitarian and military support. We are very concerned that the approach of international powers is leaving hundreds of thousands Kurdish civilians face-to-face with massacre.
The RMT LU Engineering Branch and London Transport Regional Council resolves to raise awareness and demand that the UK government support the Kurdish resistance.

The UK Government must provide the Kurdish forces with advanced weapons.
The UK, EU and US must officially recognise the three cantons declared as autonomous regions in Rojava Kurdistan (Northern Syria).

The UK government must enforce an embargo against all the states that support ISIS, beginning with Turkey.

NATO must stop its member Turkey aiding and arming ISIS immediately.
The UN must not permit a Buffer Zone on Kurdish land proposed by Turkey who openly supports ISIS.

The UN and international women’s organisations must investigate the situation of kidnapped women and begin a plan of action for their rescue.


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