Special Company Council, Tube Lines TUPE

November 5, 2017

Special Company Council, Tube Lines TUPE Consultation,

Thursday 26TH October 2017,


Commencing at 10.00 ER Meeting Room, 7th Floor, Palestra



Martin Coppen, Head of AP JNP

David Swygart, ER TfL

Jackie May, HR TLL

John Leach, RMT

Russ Clark, RMT

Bill Teale, RMT

Paul O’Brien, RMT

Kelly Berry, RMT

Kyle Dempsey, RMT

Mark Langridge, RMT

Gary Clements, RMT

Terry Wilkinson, FTO, ASLEF

Stephen Wakefield ASLEF

Hugh Roberts, FTO UNITE

Dave Morgan, UNITE

Patricia O’Donoghue, UNITE

Bernie Horsley, UNITE

Maggie Hayes, TSSA Observer

Gene Walton TSSA

Madelene Bellingham, HR TFL


Apologies for absence:

Brian Whitehead RMT

Ben Stevenson, Organiser TSSA



Commenced: 10:02am


  1. Welcome and Introductions
  2. Minutes from previous meeting.
  3. Issues Log

Issue log worked through and responses clarified and closed unless marked otherwise.


Ref No.10 Can early sight be provided


Consultation on the proposal is likely to begin on 7 November 2017.


  • Staff briefings for will begin on Tuesday 7 November
  • There is a large number of people who could potentially be in scope – operational roles are not in scope
  • Areas carrying out reviews:


LU Establishment Planning

LU Renewals and Enhancements

LU Senior Manager Admin

LU Skills Development

LU Network Operations Admin

LU Asset Operations


  • Other Areas listed


TFL Major Projects Directorate

TFL Engineering



  • Trade union representatives covered by the relevant forums for consultation will be invited to these briefings.


RMT wanted it made clear that they intend to resist this change and that the same is being said at the equivalent LU meeting.


Ref No. 45 Have any contracts been issued between 16 and 29 October


Zero contracts issued.


Ref No. 46 PPE Manager role


The role has been withdrawn as it is one position that is impacted by transformation.  Going forward the post may not exist.


RMT we don’t except this we think management should have continued with due process.


DS advised that a closed consultation letter will have the revised headcount at the time of transfer.


Ref No. 47 Will first aider payments apply retrospectively to the value of TLL


LU have advised the LU payment is £200.  RMT wanted to know whether those coming up for payment in November would be receiving the TLL rate at £250?  Confirmation given that it will be at the LU rate of £200.


RMT advised they intend to come back on this item as they were not happy.


RMT wanted to know about TRACS award for being safe?  Response given that anything due by 29/10/17 will be paid, at present we have only been made aware of Track and Vents.


  1. Additional questions/Feedback:

RMT wanted to know for clarity, the TLES vacancies gets advertised and they are offered a job would they get LU T’s and C’s what SPC rate would they be paid?  The advice is if they were transferred then the TLL rate would apply.  If they apply for a position then they would receive a LU contract and the LU SPC rate.

UNITE asked with LU contracts would the come under the LU attendance at work policy?  JM advised yes and as their service is continuous.

RMT wanted to know what was the limitation of transfer e.g. ATM’s HDP in Engineering?  MC advised if they transfer then they retain the TLL T’s and C’s.  If they were to apply for the position then they would be issued with an LU contract with LU T’s and C’s.  TFL MPD are going through their own transformation.

JM advised recruitment campaigns going forward will be managed by TFL recruitment consultants.  We have a meeting in the diary for next week to discuss Transplant.

DS advised if the roles in TLL don’t exist in LU then they will be paid at the TLL salary with LU T’s and C’s.

RMT wanted to know what was happening with Transplant?  MC advised they would eventually transfer to Renewals and Enhancement, currently led by Lincoln Ofakansi

RMT wanted to know if Transplant would still be part of the TLL machinery?  MC advised yes.

  1. Communications to date

– Everyone is due to receive a welcome letter over the coming days.

– There is a meeting in the diary for next Tuesday to close out any issues that may come up post transfer.

– A conference call is due to take place next Thursday.


RMT requested time off for their local representatives to allow for them to feedback.  This was agreed.


Unions advised to expect a letter in the coming days confirming transfer to take place on 29 Oct.


  1. Next meeting

10am Tuesday 31st October 2017, (ER Meeting Room) 7th Floor Waterloo Meeting Room, 7G4, Palestra, 197 Blackfriars Road, Southwark London SE1 8NJ.

End: 10:30am

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