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December 31, 2014

Tube Lines have confirmed that the new Track Rosters will NOT be implemented this weekend and are still subject to local discussion.  That means existing Monday to Friday staff on track/ civils will continue to work as normal


We have requested that Tube Lines send out a circular confirming this to all affected areas



From: “Bailey, Ian”

Date: 31 December 2014 09:03:33 GMT

To: “Edmonds, John”

Subject: Re: Consultation; 35hr Rostered Week and Use of Hand-held Devices


No. The change will be before 31/3/15 by local consultation




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On 30 Dec 2014, at 22:09, Edmonds, John  wrote:


Someone seems to think you are implementing new rosters at the weekend, can you please clarify?




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From: luengineering

Date: 30 December 2014 18:30:20 GMT

To: John Edmonds

Cc: Brian Whitehead  Paul O’Brien  Pat Gaskin

Subject: Fw: Consultation; 35hr Rostered Week and Use of Hand-held Devices


‎Dear John


This is the ‘agreement’ reached at Tier 2


I think ‎maybe someone has got it wrong regards the implementation date for the change of roster


Can revised notices be sent out urgently please?


Many thanks


Paul Jackson

RMT Branch Secretary

LU Engineering (0962)

07810 643 681

From: O’Brien, Paul

Sent: Tuesday, 30 December 2014 14:05

To: luengineering

Subject: Fwd: Consultation; 35hr Rostered Week and Use of Hand-held Devices





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From: “Bailey, Ian” <

Date: 19 December 2014 11:43:05 GMT

To: “O’Brien, Paul”

Cc: “M. Gaskin, Patrick”  “Mc Callum, John”  “Egan, John P”

Subject: RE: Consultation; 35hr Rostered Week and Use of Hand-held Devices




Thanks you and have a good Xmas


Ian Bailey  CEng, FICE

Head of Track & Civils – AP JNP

Tel: 0207 088 4171

Mobile No. : 07818 046490


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From: O’Brien, Paul

Sent: 19 December 2014 11:24 AM

To: Bailey, Ian

Subject: Re: Consultation; 35hr Rostered Week and Use of Hand-held Devices


Thanks Ian that seems as agreed


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On 19 Dec 2014, at 09:52, “Bailey, Ian”  wrote:








Following our conversation yesterday please see below the amended text for you approval




Following our tier 2 meeting on Monday 8th December 2014 the following was agreed;




  • From Sunday 4th January 2015; all AP JNP Track and Civils staff will be rostered to work a 35hr, 5 shift working week and will incorporate the use of Hand-held devices within their duties. Although the 15 Rostered Rest Days (RRDs) will no longer be applicable, annual leave will be increased to 37 days per year and an additional 4 lieu days will be provided to existing employees. In relation to these additional lieu days, they must be taken each year between 24th December and 31st March in the following year. This agreement includes all Q grades whose are rostered to work Sun/Mon to Thurs/Fri EHs.




  • In relation to the use of Hand-held devices it was agreed that any individual who had difficulty in transferring information onto these devices would receive additional training to fulfil the input requirement. In the event that any individual could not input information on to a hand-held device after the additional training, they would continue to complete the current paper template, and would remain in their current post.




  • For the majority of staff rostered nights their normal roster will be Sunday/Monday to Thursday/Friday EHs. This will be implemented by local agreement to suite business needs on each of the JNP lines, rail ultrasonic team, rail lubrication team and civils department with a completion date of 31st March 2015. For any specific individual who has not changed their roster by the 31st March 2015, their circumstance will be reviewed on an individual basis to find a conclusion.




Please can you respond with your agreement.








Ian Bailey


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