Balfour Beatty Rail (LT Contract)

May 16, 2018

Following lengthy discussions with Balfour Beatty Rail (LT Contract) we have managed to avoid any compulsory redundancies in this area, with any RMT members either retaining their jobs, being successfully redeployed or taking voluntary redundancy.


However, Balfour Beatty have failed to win further contracts of any size and LUL have so far failed to appoint the winner of the renewals contract post September 2018. However, it is our understanding that there is very little work between now and April 2019 and I expect there to be a further delay in awarding more work.


Given the nationwide retraction in work that Balfour Beatty Rail have won, we have been informed that unless LUL release more work within a short amount of time, then a further round of redundancies may be required. We therefore ask the NEC to carry out the following:


  1. Ask the General Secretary to contact the Mayor to demand that the desperately needed renewals work on LUL is not delayed any further.
  2. The a high level meeting with LUL is called to demand the TUPE of these staff into London Underground as their work in Track Partnership will be vital for future successful delivery of Track Renewals.


We will forward a further report should this further wave of redundancies become a proposal from the company and we are meeting BB Rail next Thursday night for a general catch up meeting.




We are awaiting a formal pay offer from Balfour Beatty for this year’s pay award. They have formally notified me that they will honour the London Living Wage and they the pay aware is likely to be above 2%. We will discuss with our members once received and forward their recommendation to the NEC once obtained.

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