Vinci Variations to terms and conditions

May 16, 2018

Vinci took over the contract to maintain various LUL buildings (such as 55 Broadway, Palestra House, Allsop Place etc) last year from Mitie and have forwarded a proposal to change rosters for our members at Palestra House and move the night staff to days. They look after the plumbing, fabric, electrics etc.


Following meetings with our members, we have forwarded a counter proposal for both issues to the company as they unanimously rejected all proposals from the company.


The roster is now being discussed at company level and the move from nights is awaiting formal discussions also at Company Level following a failure to agree with local management under the Transferred recognition agreement that we currently have.


Once a formal outcome has been received then I will call a further meeting with our members and report back any recommendation that they have.



Recognition for Collective Bargaining Agreement – Mitie & RMT

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