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LUEngineering APP – ‘My APP’ nears launch

The new LUEngineering APP and website is nearing its official launch and will be a replacement to our existing app and website.


We are in BETA testing and also updating text (hence why there is still some text filler, ‘Lorum Ipsum’) and content but thought people might like a quick look at the work we are doing.


We are looking to improve functionality to our APP and website and also introduce anonymous and confidential incident reporting that we believe will be beneficial to all our members especially those that are classified as vulnerable.


We want to engage and talk to our members and we hope that once working, that you will see it as an essential part of your trade union membership.


We also hope that it becomes a platform for other branches and grades to also produce further and more diverse ways to communicate with you all.



Sneak APP view

Meet the General Secretary Candidates: Steve Hedley

Dear colleagues,


I am standing for the position of General Secretary and would ask that your branch considers supporting my nomination.

I am the current Senior Assistant General Secretary of our great union and have done this job for 6 years.Before that I was a
assistant  General Secretary for over two years a regional organiser for four years ,a regional council and branch secretary, a tier two and local rep. All in all I’ve spent 32 years  in the service of our members in the RMT/NUR and have represented all grades in  some capacity in that time.


In Standing for RMT General Secretary I wish to make it clear from the outset that I will be fighting my campaign on policies not personalities.


I will not attack my opponents and would ask all my supporters to refrain from destructive personal attacks.


When this is all over we need to rebuild unity with everyone in our great union to fight the massive attacks coming our way .



I’m standing for a members led union where as General Secretary (servant of the members)I will work closely with the NEC, officers and reps to defend jobs, safety, terms and conditions and pay.


I want the RMT leading the trade union movement industrially and politically.


I want our union free from influences in the TUC and Labour Party who want to stifle action and instead promote partnership with the very bosses who are attacking us. The Covid crisis has provided the government with a smokescreen to attack us and the whole union movement,we must build the largest possible coalition of unions ,trades councils, community, disabled and passenger groups to defend ourselves against this.


I know the right wing establishment hate me and I see this as a badge of honour. I also know they fear me as someone who will fight to the end to defend our members and our class.I am expecting them to attack and slander me during the General Secretary campaign and whilst this won’t be pleasant with your support we will prevail.


Since becoming Senior Assistant General Secretary I have not taken a pay rise but have  donated around £15,000 pounds a year to our RMT fighting fund instead.If elected General Secretary I again  will not take a pay rise and will keep donating to our strike fund .In my opinion if a Union leader takes a huge pay cheque they forget what it’s like for our members and this is why I don’t now and never will do that .


We as workers are in an unprecedented situation we need a clear militant industrial strategy to beat off  the forthcoming government attacks .We need to call on all forces friendly to the workers movement to fight by our side .Most of all we need unity in our own union and someone able to inspire our members and make them believe they can win.


I have a track record of 32 years union activity always at the forefront of the struggle.The bosses will fear me as General Secretary as they know I cannot be bought or intimidated.


I am not motivated by money or ego but by love of the working class and a burning desire to better the lives of all our members. For these reasons I humbly ask that you support me in the General Secretary’s election.


Yours sincerely


Steve Hedley
Senior Assistant General Secretary



LUEngineering Branch COVID Fund

The Fund has now raised almost £6,000 and we have moved from raising money to helping our members that are in need.


So far we have supported members affected by the Covid and the Covid shutdown and have suffered severe financial stress. This has included people unable to work and also a person that lost their loved one to this terrible illness.


When working people stand together, we can make a difference and help change lives, even if just in a small way.


If you are an RMT member, in our branch and have been affected by covid then you may also be able to claim assistance.


if so please fill out the form below and we will get back to you.


Claim Expenses

Branch Meetings – Zoom

Your branch is continuing to meeting on the first and third wednesday of every month.


Should you yes an invite, then please contact us


You will need the software to run ‘zoom’ and have to identify yourself so that we all know who each other is

Branch Covid Update

Area Comments
Track and Signals Tier 2:

General discussions on a full return to work and continued safe practices.

·         Risk Assessments are either done or in process.

·         Looking at sharing best practice around areas.

·         Looking at fire doors being automatically released in the event of a fire (trial being undertaken) so that they can be left open for Covid-19 ventilation.

·         Vehicle access and social isolation being looked at.

·         SOO waivers being investigate as to what has been changed and why no consultation.

Signals Incident

General discussions on a full return to work and continued safe practices.

·         Work TO scheme agreement ready for sign off by he Head of Signals.

·         DSIMs back at work, need to chase up.

·         Need to get the JNP reps invited to Covid Updates ref SMD.

Track Projects

General discussions on a full return to work and continued safe practices. Some work now return but funding issues remain. Staff back on Sunday and TDU doing small works. Not full rerailing yet and nearly there with risks assessments. TDS progressing on

LUL Track

General discussions on a full return to work and continued safe practices. Issue with meeting invites.

R&E/ TLL & Stations

Furloughed 95% of staff for at least 3 weeks and would receive a letter when needed.

·         Told not to use company phones or iPads and make a declaration of not doing any work for TfL. Budget cut by 2/3. 6 people now off furlough but nothing changed. Back to work schedule has been created but not implemented.

·         TU’s assured that no loss of head count but there may be redistribution of staff to other areas.

·         No remedial works and no project work

Stations & Civils

General discussions on a full return to work and continued safe practices. COVID bolt on to define essential and non-essential work. Certain works now going ahead and have the support of local managers in going forward.



Portal was implemented without discussions. No training and poor instructions on NEPA. No communications with the senior management, only via bulletins. Issue was challenged and was told this was to deal with COVID however, this has been expanded now to also include exclusion areas etc. End users also need to pursue this issue. 7 ON and 7 OFF system working well as is the back up location.


Will all be given jobs and will be given the opportunity to complete the apprenticeship. Some retention issues in R&E being resolved.

TLL Signals

General discussions on a full return to work and continued safe practices. Issues with BAME risk assessments and Works TOs in incident

Tampers and ETOs

Looking to un-furloughed all staff from Monday if confirmed as back to the new Normal, 2m isolation and PPE.

8 BTR’s potential but awaiting further finance sign off. Maybe restart mid-week BTR from mid-August. Tamping budget will increase if BTR budget is reduced.

TLL Escalator Maintenance

Looking to ramp up the work soon. Expected approx. 20% most work can do. Local H&S Reps have been doing suite visits and ensuring that the worksites are safe.

Annual Leave

LUL stated that they was going to remove annual leave from furloughed staff. On-going discussions at Company Council. LUL will not move on this and it is obviously completely disappointing and likely to impact sick rates. LUL have also announced they this is also going to apply to people that are currently off for shielding. Bro  has stated what is the union policy on this matter and how was they pursuing it.

Bro proposed sending it to the Branch Executive. Meeting to be set up within 7 days.

Back Pay: LU/ TLL Company Council

LUL are refusing to pay staff that left. Bro to run a test case.

Congestion Charge

Asked LUL to pay it now that it has been reinstated and increased. LUL have stated that it will be on a case by case basis. Issue closed

Covid Risk Assessments

All areas need to complete these and have certificate displayed.

LUL BAME Risk Assessments

People need to aware that these should be carried out and that the use of central communications was not appropriate and that we need to move to a more local approach. The onus should be away from the individuals and the RMT had major concerns regarding how LUL was looking into this issue. Sis has sent out documents but their starting point risk assessment was for White Finger Vibration issue which was unacceptable.


Concerns that glasses were misting up with the face masks. LUL is looking special products that can be used.

Minimum Numbers in the Van

Concerns ref minimum numbers and the need to maintaining 2m distance. Only driver in the front and space in the back. For example 10 seater minibus means only 4 able to travel in to. All vans need to have a Covid assessment, maybe wear masks and have internal cleaning. Do need more vehicles and need more people to volunteer to drive. Action: Bro to distribute any guidelines.

Vehicle Insurance

It was reported that cover as now mentioned in the company guidance but people need to check their own insurance.

Training restart

Looking at phasing course start times, all agreed but joining instructions not updated

Thermal Monitoring of staff

Should not be to do away with other protections and at the start and not in place of PPE. If high temp then staff go home. Need to progress pay for non-permanent staff. Branch position generally in favour.

LUL BAME Risk Aseessments Meetings

Awaiting further meetings on the issue but unclear if its at company council level or the distinct meetings

LUL Disciplinaries

Bro reported that Company Council has stated that guidance was now chasing and LUL had now restarted doing fact findings. Both done over zoom. Need to be mindful of material that needed to be reviewed. Bro has done some gross misconduct cases face to face and finds it far easier to adjourn and talk to their members. Discussed at the MATs functional council and it seems that Hr and Management in some areas are looking to avoid travelling and are pushing the video conference.

Local Lock Downs

Bro raised the issue of local lock downs such as Leicester and whether there is any discussions or planning. Issue to be raised at the Company Council


Bro asked if there was any guidance on room ventilation and whether it was being raised anywhere else?

Balfour Beatty

More staff furloughed. Looking at restart and job moves. Wish to use thermal camera as above. List of questions sent to the company and new reps elected


Concerns that RA’s aren’t available

Self Employed/ Protection

Very hard times. LUL changing protection arrangement hours and very little work


Hardship Fund now over £4000.


·         Need to publicise so that people can claim. Initially looking at £200 given the level of current claims.

·         Look at ways of communication actioned.

·         Need the NEC to act faster.

Branch Exec

Produce PPE Guidelines, work in progress


Obtain RMT Face Masks


LUEngineering Branch Hardship Fund passes £3000

The LUEngineering Branch Hardship Fund has now passed the £3000.


We would like to thank all those that have donated to our cause but now we need to move onto the most important phase, which is helping our members that are in financial need due to Covid-19.


This terrible disease has affected many of our families and friends and we have lost several friends in our union.


It has also seen a huge downturn in work and this has led to many being furloughed or unable to work and receive any support, such as self employed members.


We want to help you.


If you have been financially affected by Covid-19, then please contact your local rep or email


To make a claim, please fill in the form below and leave your contact details and we will call you asap.

LUL Furlough & Company Council Report

Today we had the joint LUL & Tube Lines Company Council attended by the RMT.


Furlough: LUL announced that they are dealing with an unprecedented loss of income, with train journey’s over Easter, lower than at any time for nearly 100 years.


They currently had over 18% of their staff off with Covid related issues along with the normal levels of staff absence.


Therefore they had decided to use the Government Job Retention Scheme, also known as Furlough to add funding.


This scheme states that the Government will fund up to 80% (capped at £2,500) to support companies for a limitted time with staff that have no work currently.  This period must last for a minimum of 3 weeks and staff must not be undertake any work for LUL during this period.





Full details of the Government Job Retention Scheme



LUL have stated that they intend to use this scheme starting on the 27th April and would spend next week trying to ascertain which staff that they was currently able to furlough. Examples that was given were those at home but unable to work, those being shielded etc. LUL also stated that they expected this to be mainly non-operational.


They confirmed that this would be on 100% of their pay and their terms and conditions would remain intact.


RMT Regional Organiser, John Leach, insisted that this must be put into writing and that the RMT would not accept anything less than FULL terms and conditions remaining the same and full involvement in the process of discussion who would be furloughed.


Non-essential work: 


LUL confirmed that they had been examining how much and what types of non-essential work that they should stop doing. They stated that they had produced a list of items for each function and they would share with the RMT asap.


Our view remains the same, we will fully support members that are unsure if the tasks that they have been given is either safe or essential to the safe running of the railway. If in doubt, always say no and raise with your reps and managers. Put your health and your safety first as it it better to query and ask why, than risk doing something that is wrong.


Face Masks:


LUL reported that station staff would be given face masks from next week to deal with emergency situations and that they was reviewing exactly where else these masks were needed.


The RMT position remains clear:

  • If the Mayor is telling passengers to wear masks then passenger facing staff should remain protected.
  • PPE is a last resort and LUL agreed that the use of masks was NOT to enable more work to be undertaken
  • The principles of social distancing and hand washing remains the most effective way to combat the spread of Covid 19

LUL Pay Deal:


LUL confirmed that this would be paid in July




The RMT have continually demanded that LUL and TfL take ownership of the issues regarding our sub-contractors and self employed staff and pay them.


The RMT today stated that they would work with Management to produce safe working practices to enable the restart of various project works such as in R&E that would enable this workers to be back earning money, but being kept safe by their union.


There is a real danger that these staff with be lost to the Railway and they have been denoted as Key Staff. People such as Protection Masters with Morsons and Cleshars, Track Staff employed by VGC and engineers in Engie etc are all core to the safe running of the Railway and all these core functions need to be done in house.

LUEngineering Branch Meetings go online

Your Branch and indeed the RMT are now conducting all critical trade union business online.


What that means is that things such as our branch meetings etc are now being conducted by Zoom video conferencing meetings


If you wish to ‘attend’ a branch meeting please just email the branch secretary for an invite:


Your National Executive Committee has adopted the following policy:
“Employers across the transport and maritime sectors are introducing Furlough Arrangements to make use of the scheme from government to pay workers.  The union is receiving proposals for such arrangements from employers with whom we have collective bargaining agreements, or where an employer seeks to engage RMT in consultation or negotiation. The NEC has determined that the following guidance shall be issued to ensure we provide the maximum and best possible protection for our members
In all circumstances Furlough Arrangements shall be placed before the NEC prior, wherever possible, before going ahead for consideration to ensure that consistency and best practice is maintained.
Should it be unavoidable for an officer or representatives to allow a furlough to go ahead before the NEC has discussed it, this matter must be put before the NEC at the first opportunity.
The rules and constitution of our union continue to govern these matters. When discussing Furlough Arrangements RMT officials shall seek to ensure:-
1.    Wages are paid at 100% meaning the employer tops up the government paid 80%
2.    Employers top up wages above £2500pm (the government schemes cap) so that employees continue to receive their full wages)
3.    No impact on pensions or leave
4.    No changes to terms and conditions
5.    That the Furlough Arrangement are time limited and shall not be extended beyond the period of the Covid-19 health crisis.
6.    The union shall, if the circumstances dictate, utilise pro-formas to provide added protection and guidance for members.”

Bob Crow Memorial Album

Branches, Regions, Officers & Offices
Dear ALL,
Bob’s family have agreed for us to distribute our album today as we remember not only the sad loss of Bob but also smile at the memories that we have of the man and his life. 
This was made on behalf of our union as our tribute to him and I truly hope that we would have made him proud. This is not the work of any one individual, but the work of us all that follow in his footsteps.
We will be making 4 special copies of the Album, for the union, our branch, to accompany the banner and Bob’s family. We will also make some additional copies for those that contributed. We are toying with the idea of making some more for general sale in aid of Bob’s Charity, the British Heart Foundation, but we will see. We also hope that the RMT buys Bob’s Banner as his family have agreed the money will also donated to his charity.
Firstly, to Ed Hall, who made the banner in a very short time to enable us to premier it at the 2019 May Day March in London.
We thank Nicola Hoarau for giving us permission, on behalf of Bob’s family, to change our branch name to the Bob Crow Branch and also to the National Executive and General Secretary for allowing this to happen. Also, for her marvellous efforts to finally get Bob onto the stage at Tolpuddle, something that sadly did not occur during Bob’s life-time.
We thank Bob’s work colleagues, Sean Fahey, Terry ‘the Tamper’ Gipps, Chris Newell, Eddie Norton and Doug Hammersley for their memories of Bob during his working days.
We would like to thank those that have spent time to write such wonderful and heartfelt tributes to Bob to accompany the photographs in this album. Karen Mitchell, Barry West, Mick Cash, Andy Gilchrist, Mick Lynch, John Leach, John Reid, Glen Hart, John Leach, Glenroy Watson, Andy Littlechild, Sean Hoyle, Michelle Rogers, Peter Skelly and Alan Pottage
Our most sincere thanks to Stephen Guy of the Durham Miners, who not only made us welcome, but also organised a special blessing of our Banner, outside Durham Cathedral. A unique tribute that is usually only allowed for Miners’ Banners.
We would like to thank LU Engineering Branch and RMT Members for their love and support in ensuring that Bob’s legacy has endured and continues to thrive. It was symbolic of this that ‘Bob’s Banner on Tour’ was met with such respect and support as we travelled the country in the name of class solidarity and determination to honour the giant of a man that was our Bob.
Our gratitude also, to the staff of the RMT Communication’s Team for their proof reading and formatting of our album, who have helped finish this work that we all worked so hard to create.
Lastly, we would like to thank Bob’s family, for allowing us to share him with them, for an all too brief moment in time.