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Thales Furlough Scheme

Dear ALL


Following further discussions with Thales, we have received the following offer


“Paul, further to the RMT concerns raised on the 9th April about the Thales position on the non-payment of shift pay allowances during the period of Furlough, I am pleased to say that Thales has reviewed this position and can for the period of this current Furlough until the 31st May 2020, agree for the collective community (Grades LR 2-7) in Job Family 07 & 10 to receive shift pay allowance, where entitled, at the full rate funded by Thales whilst they are Furloughed.


This offer is final and represents a significant commitment by Thales to our valued staff, over and above what is the Government guidelines and the previously published Thales offer during Furlough. This offer is conditional on the RMT accepting the overall Thales Furlough proposals for the current Furlough period up to the 31st May 2020.”


We are still seeking updates on the use of contract labour and the implementation of the pay back clause and will update you all as soon as we can


Thales Furlough Scheme

At this time we have significant concerns regarding the Thales Furlough scheme that affects some 112 staff and mainly members:

*   Thales have so far not agreed to include shift allowance in their scheme as per the government advice ref normal rates of pay
*   We are unclear how the pay back scheme will work and we believe that this should not be applied
*   It appears that work is still being given to external sources that our members can do and there are currently many contractors being given work to do at home (we believe)

Furthermore we have stated that they cannot do this contractually without consent and also our position is for 100% pay.


We are still meeting with Thales and are awaiting a reply regarding shift uplift

Therefore at this time we cannot recommend the NEC agree to the Thales Furlough terms

Track Contracting Staff

The RMT view is that this work and these workers need to be urgently nationalised and their key skills retained in the Rail Industry. We have also demanded that TfL continue to support these workers and pay their wages and we are waiting for a definite reply from them.


We have also been chasing up many of the sub-contracting companies and we will put updates out as soon as possible, certainly within the next 2 days.


However, in the meantime, here is the reply from Cleshar regarding Track Workers:


“As you are probably aware most of CCS ops are PAYE and where alternative work cannot be found the furlough option is in the process of being implemented.

Some higher end members of the teams in TDU that are Ltd companies are required to cover their options with their accountants.”


Protection Masters Dispute

Further to our last update, the RMT executive is now reviewing plans to name dates for action across the London Underground Network.


The RMT have been made aware of potential plans to change the way workers are paid and the contract handled.


This would mean one supplier and staff being paid for the role that they undertake.


Variations of this theme have been circulated before and we have addressed them all with LUL. Suffice to say that the RMT maintains two principles.


We believe that there should only be one employer, that is London Underground. These people should be brought in-house and receive the same travel and pension rights as existing staff.


We will not accept a cut in conditions and demand a pay increase for our members and we are willing to fight for that.


It has also been brought to our attention that due to recent case law that the possibility exists that these staff may  have employee status with London Underground or Morsons/ Cleshars.


We intend to examine that issue further

Outsourced Workers’ Fight for Fairness, 17 July

Out with Outsourcing: Outsourced Workers’ Fight for Fairness, 17 July
As you know, RMT is stepping up its campaigning against outsourcing on the railways. Right across the network and on London Underground, RMT is taking on the fight for pay justice and making the case for bringing workers back in house. We are also showing solidarity with outsourced workers in other industries.
On 17 July, I will be speaking at a campaign meeting in Parliament titled ‘Outsourced Workers Fight for Fairness’, organised by the Trade Union Coordinating Group, of which RMT is a supporter.
Alongside me will be Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell, Shadow Secretary of State for BEIS, Rebecca Long-Bailey, PCS General Secretary Mark Serwotka and NAPO General Secretary Ian Lawrence, together with striking outsourced workers at BEIS.
The fight for justice for outsourced workers and for an end to outsourcing is escalating. I would encourage you to get involved and help make this rally a great staging post in our growing campaign. I would be grateful if you would bring this circular and the meeting to the attention of your members.
Outsourced Workers’ Fight for Fairness
Wednesday 17 July, 6-8pm
Boothroyd Room, Portcullis House (nearest Tube Station, Westminster)
I hope to see many of you there.
Yours sincerely,

LUL Protection Staff

Protection Services members that work under Cleshar and Morsons have returned an overwhelming and massive mandate to their union to push forward with their campaign for a fair pay rate.


In a new 100% mandate for action, they have sent a clear message to London Underground that they will not tolerate the status quo any longer and demand wage dignity at work. This includes both the permanent members of staff and those that are self employed.


Formal meetings will now occur with our reps to discuss what action to take and we call on their employers to meet with the RMT to avoid the need for action.


Further to my Circular IR/116/19 25th March 2019, I write to advise branches that we have received correspondence from Network Rail and London Underground who are the client companies that contract Interserve to carry out cleaning and security. They have both confirmed that contingency plans are in place to ensure the continuity of service and the payment of wages should the company go bust. This will no doubt give some reassurance to members over the potential impact of any worsening of Interserve’s position.
In addition Network Rail has explicitly stated that where it makes financial sense they would embrace the opportunity to bring the work back in house. The NEC has considered this issue and instructed me to prepare a submission document to Network Rail making the case.
Branches will be kept fully informed of developments.
Yours sincerely
Mick Cash

Thales Rail Signals redundancies

The following report has been sent to Unity House regarding the situation on Thales Rail Signals


Late last week, I was contacted by local Thales Rail Signals HR regarding the potential for 11 job losses in the testing and commissioning area of the company working on the London Underground 4LM Contract to upgrade the Metropolitan and District Line Signalling Systems. They offered no details and did not accept the need to formally consult with the RMT. I informed them that such an approach would be an error and that we would be in dispute.


I then contacted the Director responsible for Employment Relations in this area and demanded urgent talks and that this matter is held in abeyance until such a time that formal discussions had occurred and I stated that the RMT would not accept any compulsory redundancies and we began to align diaries to meet next week.


On Monday 10th September NIght and Tuesday 11th September morning, local Thales Rail Signal Managers have escalated this matter by forcing through this redundancy process and have informed those eleven staff ‘at risk’ of redundancy. These people appear to be chosen more on the personal will and as an act of vendetta by the Department Manager, rather than on business needs. I have organised the members into communication groups and am visiting their work sites with the local RO, John Leach and Asst General Secretary, Steve Hedley, to boost our members confidence to fight these proposals. I have also spoken to the ER Directorand stated that we will not accept these actions and our union will oppose them and we are agreeing urgent talks as soon as possible.


I have also discussed this matter with our representatives and numerous members and they have unanimously asked me to state that I do not believe that Thale’s actions are acceptable and the company are obviously trying to fast track these job losses through as a matter of urgency. I therefore request that the National Executive Ballots all our Rail Signals Members for strike action and action short of strike.





Paul Jackson

LU Engineering Branch (0962)

07810 643 681


SOO Waivers: Electrocuting PWT’s

It has come to the attention that LUL are looking at ways to cut back on safety to enable trains to run in the event of an over run of engineering works during engineering hours by using trains to do line searches rather than people. This would be in the event that a PWT-EH has ‘not cleared the road’.


RMT Members already do a great job, in often difficult conditions, with regards to making sure people complete their journeys everyday, however, this will not be over the electrocuted bodies of our track workers.



It is obvious to most people that doing this would involve turning the traction current back on and potentially electrocuting staff working on the track. The thought of a train coming through a tunnel itself is enough to scare the living daylights out of most people.


To be clear on this matter, the RMT will not accept our members lives being put at risk in this manner and have notified LUL that we will not shy away from balloting all our members that access the track in every company we have members if necessary.


We are happy to work on ways that allow members to communicate better and remain available for further talks.

VGC – WTC Grades at Plumstead

Following our successful organisation of the members working for VGC at Plumstead (Crossrail) we managed to secure an additional 4% pay rise.


However, our members felt that this did not meet their aspirations.


In the light of this development, the issue was tabled with Acas to seek a resolution and the RMT have now tabled a case to VGC regarding additional work that they carry out and therefore why these staff should receive an enhanced level of pay.


This case has now been tabled by VGC to their client ATC and we are awaiting an outcome.



Vinci Variations to terms and conditions

Vinci took over the contract to maintain various LUL buildings (such as 55 Broadway, Palestra House, Allsop Place etc) last year from Mitie and have forwarded a proposal to change rosters for our members at Palestra House and move the night staff to days. They look after the plumbing, fabric, electrics etc.


Following meetings with our members, we have forwarded a counter proposal for both issues to the company as they unanimously rejected all proposals from the company.


The roster is now being discussed at company level and the move from nights is awaiting formal discussions also at Company Level following a failure to agree with local management under the Transferred recognition agreement that we currently have.


Once a formal outcome has been received then I will call a further meeting with our members and report back any recommendation that they have.



Recognition for Collective Bargaining Agreement – Mitie & RMT